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So I haven’t ranted for a week so this has been building up for 14 days so apologies.

Basically I’m going to rant about the stigma of tattoos and women having tattoos.

Personally my mum hates me having tattoos and thinks I’m ruining my body, but as I was searching through tumblr at different blogs I found someone had posted that they think girls with tattoos are disgusting.

This infuriated me pretty much instantly. Not only because I have tattoos myself but because why does it matter to that person if I’m tattooed or not?

Yes my tattoos are on show for anyone to see but I don’t have an issue with people who aren’t tattooed. It is a case of matter of opinion and some of my friends say they hate tattoos and would never get one but to go to the extent to say it disgusts them or it doesn’t look ‘right’ for a girl to have them is just too far.

What is ‘right’ looking?

I’m tattooed because I sodding want to be, like people dye their hair because they want to or dress a certain way, get over it. 😀

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Taken by Rebecca Raistrick Photography Latex by Violaceous Latex

Taken by Rebecca Raistrick Photography
Latex by Violaceous Latex