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So I may have done a little dance while typing the title of this post…

Hi everyone and welcome to another rant of mine ūüôā

After my last post and talking to a selection of lovely ladies that like myself have taken part in risque shoots and some being burlesque dancers, it sparked off an idea for this post. I would like to talk to you lovely lot about slut shaming.

To those who don’t know what slut shaming is, I sourced a lovely definition from Wikipedia – Slut shaming¬†(also hyphenated, as¬†slut-shaming) is a concept in sexuality. It is a¬†neologism¬†used to describe the act of making any person feel¬†guilty¬†or inferior for certain sexual behaviors or desires that deviate from traditional or orthodox gender expectations, or that which may be considered to be contrary to natural or religious law. Some examples of behaviors over which women are said to be “slut-shamed” include: violating accepted¬†dress codes¬†by dressing in sexually provocative ways, requesting access to birth control,¬†having¬†premarital¬†or¬†casual sex, or¬†being raped or sexually assaulted.

On a less damming scale, slut-shaming can be as simple as negative reactions to images of glamour models or girls posting selfies on Instagram or Facebook in their underwear.

For me, I’ve been lucky in the sense that in my experience of slut shaming it has just been petty comments whereas some instances hate campaigns can be started against models and girls over the internet. Since my first lingerie shoot the majority of my work is lingerie shoots, personally I love it, I work hard to keep my figure and I don’t see the problem in wearing beautiful lingerie and parading about the place. My last shoot I actually danced to get the best shots from it. But what I have found from my first lingerie shoot is the amount of pre-conceived ideas of lingerie models. I have been called a slut, I have been told I’m a bike, that I’m disrespecting myself and that I need to keep my clothes on ‘for a change’. What I’d like to say to this is, I’m sorry but this is my body, I will do what I like with it and no I’m not this sex crazed nympho that has countless sexual partners all over the place!

One of my close friends posted this link to his Facebook and I was furious, don’t get me wrong I wasn’t angry at my friend but the author of this post. I don’t do lingerie shoots to boost my confidence, I do them because I am asked to and I enjoy it. A post I’d like to use in response to this is from the breathtaking Suicide Girl that is Rebecca Crow/Katherine Suicide¬†she posted this here. I agree entirely, women’s bodies should be celebrated! Do you see men being rated and ridiculed when they post topless photos or them in their underwear it always seems to be women and girls.

Anyway before I go into total rant mode I asked the beautiful Polly Anther and reporter Neale McGeever who has wrote for Zoo, FHM and Elite Online Magazine about slut shaming models and burlesque dancers.

Polly Anther is an agency signed model and a popular burlesque dancer in the North East of England.

Taken by Belleview Photography

Taken by Belleview Photography

Taken by Idollphamine

Taken by Idollphamine

Her response to slut shaming was:
“At first you think to yourself, well people should be allowed to do what they want and dress how they want regardless of gender, but then you¬†realize¬†that this will never be the case. People will always have¬†something¬†judgmental¬†to say. Personally I am all for people¬†doing what makes them feel comfortable, I don’t think there should be double standards either – the classic example of a woman is sexually¬†harassed, however she was dressed like a slut so she was asking for it.

As for this relating to burlesque, I know there are lots of people who believe burlesque is just another form of gentleman’s entertainment, or just refer to it as stripping. I actually agree with this statement to an extent – it is stripping, however people try and say it isn’t. Taking our clothes off is stripping whichever way you do it. It is also for entertainment, however not just for gentlemen and it is not sexual entertainment. I do believe it is a celebration of the female form, and equally of the male form in boylesque. Everyone has a body, some of us just use ours for artistic purposes rather than it just existing underneath clothes! I could go on all day but I should probably stop since I’ve written just about a full essay! All in all, people should do what makes them happy, regardless of what anyone else has to say about it.”

I wanted to talk to a guy about the subject as another statement I receive is how could my boyfriend or partner ever be happy with other guys seeing me in my underwear. Neale has also met and interviewed some of the most stunning women in the country so I felt it would make sense to see not only from a guys point of view but from an aspect of someone who works in the glamour industry.

He said:
I would not mind if my girl friend was a glamour model. If anything I would be proud i was dating someone who was so proud to be a woman she showed it off to the world. I think slut shaming is a form of bullying. The word ‘slut’ is terrible. Would anyone say that about a man who had sex with loads of woman, probably not but we are all equal. A lot of this ‘slut shaming’ out of¬†jealousy.”

I’d love to here your views on this and all opinions are welcome. Honestly I come across as a complete and utter headcase with all these rants and discussions but I would appreciate any interaction from you guys!