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Okay, okay this blog title was kind of slightly stolen from Alicia Keys.

After I interviewed Frankii for my last post, I’m going to try and include more interviews and opinions into each post for you guys so it won’t just be me on a rant (thank god haha).

When it comes to confidence I am one of the worst people to talk to, some days I hate myself and I’d love nothing more than to curl up into a ball and sleep away my days but when I see people I care about going through the same thing it makes me feel sick to my stomach. For instance if I ever see my little sister calling herself fat and feeling down about her appearance it’s like a dagger to my heart.

For me when I’m going to shoot, and for the majority my shoots are lingerie I do have the standard sheer panic about half an hour before I start shooting. No matter how much I loved my body the night before, come the morning I’m cursing that last packet of cookies I made my way through.

I got to talk to three out of this world beauties for this post. (aka lots of pestering on my behalf :D) I asked them all “Do you still get nervous when it comes to shoots?”

Firstly the oober babe Miss Amber Von Tassel said
“I don’t tend to get nervous anymore, i think its more just excitement, especially if its something ive never tried before or a designer I’m really into.”

I’m treating you lucky lot here, I also got to talk to the sublime Belle UK and she said
“Definitely; although I am signed I’m certainly not at the top of my game (yet) and still have a lot to learn and a lot of stunning models to “compete” with (for lack of a better word), so every time I shoot I’m always secretly nervous that I’ll look back and think “I could have done that better” – especially if I’m working with someone new, or experimenting with new styles. But we live and learn and I’d rather be nervous and happy than overly confident and disappointed, thinking I could have done more.”

The ravishing red head, Miss Trixie Blue said
“After performing for many years, I still get nervous!!!!!! Gut wrenchingly, butterfly inducing, crippling nerves. However, throughout the years, the way I have been able to transform the nerves has changed. The nerves have adopted a new role, exhilaration!!!!!! Upon feeling nervous now, I dont try to fight it, I try to change it and use it to heighten my performance. Which in turn makes performing exciting for myself and hopefully it is exudes into the audience.”

And last but certainly not least my little Canadian beauty Miss Dottie said Hmmm well. I’m really big on communication. I always need talk to the photographer about what both of our expectations are for the final photos and if there are any specific poses or ideas they have. I find that if Ive spent some time talking to them before hand I am less nervous shooting with them.”

Recently, I was interviewed for a university project and I was asked; “Everyone no matter what shape or size wants to feel confident and happy about themselves. What advice would you have to feel glamorous and boost your own confidence?”

My answer was I like to listen to typical burlesque music and this inner siren just emerges I prance about my room, thinking I’m a vixen (I’m pretty sure I look like an utter moron) but in my head I am the hottest girl on the planet.

Amber Von Tassel
“I always try to get into character before I perform, I think that’s the advantage of being a performer and a model. You can just let your on stage persona take over and flirt with the camera as you would the audience.”

So why not try and make your own inner character that you can use whenever you’re feeling like a potato?

Belle UK 
“I always find that taking a couple of days to get it “out of my system” really helps, during which time I’ll relax, get lost in various art works to get my creative juices flowing and I’ll do a little more exercise than I would during my regular routine, to boost the flow of endorphin’s which creates that happy and accomplished feeling!

Sometimes I’ll even stand infront of the mirror and point out things that I do like about myself, no matter how small it is, and give myself a little pep-talk based on it! I also find that the happier I am in general the more confident I feel, so even doing something small like watching daft Youtube videos that make me laugh help to brighten even the dampest of days!

Biggest tip: always take time out of your day to do something that makes you smile!”

Trixie Blue
“My one and only tip to tackle low confidence is to find that song that makes you feel incredible and play it over and over and over. It will make you feel ten feet tall.”

Miss Dottie
“Before I started modelling I had absolutely no confidence! I found that surrounding myself with those that were supportive of my dreams helped boost it immensely.”

Now what post of mind wouldn’t contain an array of stunning images for you to feast your eyes on?! Enjoy!!!

Wearing Fleur of England by Lingerie By Annette Photography by My Boudoir - Make-Over Boudoir Photography MUA Michelle Sisson - Professional Hair & Make-up Artist

Model – Amber Von Tassel
Photography – My Boudoir – Make-Over Boudoir Photography
MUA Michelle Sisson, Professional Hair & Make-up Artist
Lingerie – Fleur of England by Lingerie By Annette

Photography: Georgia Claire Photography Model, MUA & Hair: Belle UK  Jacket: Tentacle Threads  Photography: Georgia Claire Photography Model, MUA & Hair: Belle UK  Jacket: Tentacle Threads

Model, MUA & Hair: Belle UK
Photography: Georgia Claire Photography
Jacket: Tentacle Threads

Model, Hair and MUA - Trixie Blue Photographer - Amy Louise Photographer

Model, Hair and MUA – Trixie Blue
Photography – Amy Louise Photographer

Model - Miss Dottie Hair and MUA - Swank Makeup Artistry - Kym Davidson Photography - Vestige Photography

Model – Miss Dottie
Hair and MUA – Swank Makeup Artistry – Kym Davidson
Photography – Vestige Photography