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Honey Boo Boo on the left and An unknown child on the right, image take by Maria Guedahvili

Something that has just seemed a normal in society for as long as I can remember is the divide between women and girls, who’s the ‘girly girl’ and who’s the tomboy.

For those that aren’t accustom to the terms I double checked with wikipedia as to their definitions. A girly girl is as follows; “a slang term for a girl or woman who chooses to dress an behave in an especially feminine style, such as wearing pink, using make-up, using perfume, dressing in skirts, dresses and blouses nd talking about relationships and other activities which are associated with the traditional gender role of a girl.”

tomboy is; “a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviour considered typical of a boy, including wearing masculine clothing and engaging in games and activities that are physical in nature and are considered in many cultures to be the domain of boys.”

In this post I’m going to discuss my personal struggles with differentiating between finding space between being a girly girl as well as being a tomboy and where I ‘fit’ now. But you lovely lot I have a VERY special treat for you, for this post I have interviewed the bespoke beauty that is Miss Frankii Wilde (cue wild screams in excitement).

Right we’ll get boring old me out of the way to make way for the good stuff. Basically when I was growing up I was a tomboy through and through. Although I was one of two daughters my mum was a child minder (or nanny) and the majority of kids she watched were boys my age. So we’re talking snail races, wrestling and football. I still tried to stay girly by taking part in my local dance school and gymnastics but I’d still love nothing more to play in mud.

As I got into my early teens I tried more-so to ‘fit in’ so I played about with makeup and left the football for the boys but it seemed like too much hard work for me so I gave up trying rather quickly.  Then the unthinkable happened like most girls I blossomed (so to speak) I became a girl obsessed with makeup and fashion and boys. Looking back I should’ve stayed in the flipping mud…

ANYWAY swiftly moving on,

Some people who know me through my modelling or have only met me in recent years will catergorise me very swiftly as a girly girl and although I workout, at the gym I get called princess. But when I’m not shooting or at work I don’t bother with my appearance at all no makeup, hair scraped back and baggy clothes, comfort is key. As mentioned previously I do go to the gym quiet a lot since loosing weight but now I’m very slightly obsessed with Crossfit. Don’t get me wrong I whine all the way throughout the workouts and shout I can’t do it but I do flipping love it. 😀

I still get called princess at the gym but I’m a princess who can work out with the big boys and I have surprised most guys when I skip cardio to lift weights. (Don’t get me wrong here people I’m not a massive tank of a girl and I have a LONG  way to go but from where I’ve come from I couldn’t be happier.)

So personally I’m not a girly girl or a tomboy, I’m a hybrid of the two (think Vampire Diaries).

Here’s me on a day to day going to uni:


And here’s me at a photoshoot all made up:

Taken By Richard Shepard Photography. MUA - Make up by LEANNE. Hair - Bespoke Hairdressing by Michelle. Lingerie by House of Seduction

And here’s me at Crossfit completing a clean and jerk (PB guys!)

Now lets move onto the unmistakable beauty that is Miss Frankii Wilde (and one of my ultimate girl crushes, jus sayin.)

Firstly, you’re very well-known model and burlesque dancer but what some people may not know, is you’re passion for fitness. How did the interest in fitness and serious gym work come about?

Frankii – It actually came about a year ago. I’ve been trying to get into fitness for years but I’ve never maintained the will power and I had underlying problems from an injury I sustained from when I used to run for the county (Durham) when I was a child. I had something wrong with my knee from around 14 years. This made squats, lunges , basically anything do do with my knee bending very painful and difficult. No one could tell me what the problem was as it didn’t hurt all the time. Just sometimes usually doing the following motions or when stepping down from heights (such as stages in ridiculous high shoes). I decided last year enough was enough, and after gradually gaining the pounds over the years I was very miserable with my appearance which was greatly exaggerated with the fact I used my appearance to earn my living. I pushed through the pain for around 4 months until one day last year, the problem stopped. I later found out that I have hyper mobility in my joints so my ligaments were very weak and were getting injured as soon as I stared high intensity exercise. Now my ligaments are strong and I am not limited anymore however If I break my routine the problems return so I have to keep training to keep them strong and functional. As the saying goes, If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Looking through your Facebook you mention gym studies and that you’re attending college. What are you studying and what are your goals when you finish your course?

Frankii – I’m currently going through my exams to be a gym instructor with the aims of possibly carrying it through to be a personal trainer. I went back to studying as I was interested in learning more not only just to help me achieve my won fitness appearance goals but also as an extension into my brand. I am multifaceted I earn my living through Modelling, Performing, Design, I have a hair accessories business and I’ve also gone back to photography which is where I started 10 years ago. I’m a work a holic.

When I first emailed you about this interview you mentioned being a tomboy until you were 17-18 years old, what changed you?

Frankii Boys haha I wanted to seem more attractive to get a boyfriend and I guess I grew up.

Do you think these days with women’s weekly’s there is a certain obsession and standard that women and girls need to achieve on a day to day?

Frankii – There is, and this is the reason I don’t buy them. They left me feeling depressed and self conscious and give me unrealistic unattainable views. I used to torture myself with these magazines when I was younger. I don’t think I have bought one for around 3 years!

Of course in your shoots you look flawless, but in day to day life what is the ‘real life’ of Frankii Wilde?

Frankii I am fiercely in control of my image, my brand and how “Frankii Wilde” is portrayed however I’m also a realist. The ‘Real life’ Frankii Wilde is a little more casual due to being so active and I also own a Dog. Seamed stockings and dog walking? Not practical. Make up,hair products are tools of my business and are expensive so my make up is quite minimal. This is also to keep my skin from breakouts, I keep my hair minimal this is also to protect my hair as it is tortured when I am working through styling. I also like to go through life unnoticed on my days of so not looking like my images when I am not working is a great disguise.

And finally would you say you’re a tomboy, girly girl or a hybrid mixing the two?

Frankii  I guess I’m a hybrid… but then again I am two personalities “Frankii Wilde” and just “Frankii” so does that count as being both?

Thank you again Frankii, and for a special treat here’s some of this ultimate siren’s shoot photos as well as her day to day selfies. Everyone’s the same guys!
Image by Jade Photography, Wearing a Flower Crown by Frankii. Gown by Betty Blue's Loungerie

Image by Jade Photography,
Wearing a Flower Crown by Frankii. Gown by Betty Blue’s Loungerie

Image by Philip Hunton Photography.  For Gerry Roxby Clothing

Image by Philip Hunton Photography.
For Gerry Roxby Clothing

Image by Charis Talbot Photography. Hair by Von Tassel Hair.  MUA Rachael Giles - Make up Artist

Image by Charis Talbot Photography.
Hair by Von Tassel Hair.
MUA Rachael Giles – Make up Artist

Image by Keith Moss

Image by Keith Moss

Frankii at home

Frankii at home

Frankii with Betty D’Light’s puppy

This post is for every girl and woman who feels that they need to conform to what society or their friends feel like a woman should be. You are yourself, sod whatever anyone else thinks or says. Love yourself! 🙂

If any of my readers have a similar story please speak up, I’d love to talk to you!

Alexandra Justine xo