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Firstly sorry yet again for the inactivity I promise I’ll be posting regularly again 🙂 Welcome to the the world of squeaky clean pop, the evolution of the Mickey Mouse Club gave us new talent to check out and although their careers began the decade before the two ladies mentioned in this post transformed into mega stars in the early noughties. Welcome to pink, girly and all things fluffy, yet again my guilty pleasure trust me I had a baby pink room with fluffy cushions and stuff :/

Our first mouseketeer is Miss Britney Spears. This Country cutie was the epitome of girly pop. At the time she was one of America’s sweethearts with Baby One More Time becoming the soundtrack of the late 90’s early 00’s. I personally loved that song and regularly got my Britney on in school. This ladies early career began due to a famous show called The All New Mickey Mouse Club or MMC a show broadcasting a cast of teenagers singing, dancing and acting comedy sketches. Although she was signed in 1992 she didn’t release any solo music until Baby One More Time in 1999.

This album with the title track catapulted Miss Spears from Mouseketeer to superstar in the space of a month. Baby One More Time sold 500,000 copies in the first day of release. Since the release its become the 25th most successful song of British chart history. The squeaky clean image had its first taste of scandal in April 1999 when the legal 18 year old Miss Spears posed for the cover of Rolling Stones in her underwear and a open shirt, causing controversy with the American Family Association quoted saying: “a disturbing mix of childhood innocence and adult sexuality.”

Although by todays standard the photo is nothing worth a scandal and the fact that she’s 18 so legally old enough to pose in her underwear compared to the other two photos used in this post taken in the same year can’t be more different. Also compared to her more recent scandal (even her more recent Rolling Stones covers) this photo is nothing. Suffering a major breakdown, two marriages and two kids later Britney’s career has took a slight knock I personally will always think of Britney as this small town Mouseketeer. Her measurements are: 35, 26, 32.

Another Mouseketeer that has turned naughty is this little lady Miss Christina Aguilera. As you can see she was the epitome of squeaky clean pop, her first track was released in 1998 with the song ‘Reflection’ from the Disney film Mulan which subsequently earned her a record deal at the age of 18. A year later she had released her self titled abum ‘Christina Aguilera’ and her debut single Genie in a bottle became a huge success. With suggestive lyrics such as; “Oh, my body says lets go” some parents were skeptical about the ex-mousketeer’s sudden surge of sexuality but the video showed a very wholesome image of a teenage girl enjoying a get together with friends.

When the millennium came this young lady had won her first Grammy at the 42nd Grammy Awards for the Best New Artist. Later that year she embraced her Latin heritage releasing a Spanish album named ‘Mi Reflejo‘ which is a daring move for such a young star but this ladies talents know no boundaries with the album peaking at number one in the Billboard Latin charts and stayed there for 20 weeks!

Since the beginning of her career Christina has had numerous hits but fell off the radar in 2001 after her duet with Ricky Martin and her cover of Lady Marmalade with a huge and Dirrty comeback in late 2002. Boy she had done some growing up, cladded in leather with multiple piercings and new alter ego of Xtina the girl grinding her way back into the charts. Since then Christina has re invented herself countless times, survived a divorce, has a little boy, starred in a movies and is a spokesperson for the World Food Programme oh and not to forget her coaching role on the voice. Her measurements are: 36, 24, 33.

In my opinion I feel sorry for these two ladies having to grow up with everyone watching and everyone wants some form of rebellion its human nature but hopefully the bad times are over for these two ladies and they can let their talents shine again. Moving onto the Develish Noughties and remember the measurements mentioned in this post will be converted and posted in my Metric Measurements post. Enjoy…xo