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In the eighties not only the hair got bigger, the neons came out to play, geometrics and sportswear were key. One of the biggest trends kicked off from one very special women who will be mentioned in this post.

This lady here needs NO introduction and if you haven’t heard about her or know about her career you must have lived under a rock. Miss Madonna Louise Ciccone or Madonna the QUEEN of the 80’s teen era. Her music career began in 1982 when her debut single ‘Everybody’ was released. Although she was brought up in a Roman Catholic family (portrayed in her ‘Like A Pray’ video) Madonna was a walking controversy being the face of teenage rebellion. Her style shown in the photo above was emulated by many young women and girls; the bleach blonde hair, lollipop, lace tops, skirts over leggings, fishnet stockings and fingerless gloves. Since the eighties her fame has been kept alive due to movie appearances, clothing lines and actually directing her own film. Her measurements are: 36,24,34.

Another major 80’s icon with a very powerful voice who sadly passed away only recently is Miss Whitney Houston. See big hair 🙂 Miss Houston’s career actually started off with her modelling, she actually was the one of the first coloured women to grace Seventeen magazine. Her vocals were also used in backtracks for “Life’s A Party” and “I’m Every Woman” before her singing career kicked off. Her fame was unprecedented but unfortunately she became involved in drugs and that what cost her life earlier this year. Her measurements were: 34,23,33.

Okay, okay okay, obviously she wasn’t a mermaid but this movie made Miss Daryl Hannah a poster girl for all teenage boys wishing they were Tom Hanks. Hercareer had seen different horror and action films but Splash released in 1984 made Daryl Hannah very successful. After Splash there were some more movies but she recreated herself from the beautiful serene calming beach babe to a deadly assassin in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. But for you eighties die hard fans this lady will always be the hottest little mermaid around. Now she is a die hard environmentalist with her own blog which you can find here. Her measurements are: 34,24,33.

Moving onto the Naughty Nineties next…xo
***Remember metric measurements will be added to my Metric Measurements post…xo